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About NAF

National Arthritis Foundation Pakistan

NAF is a public awareness body being an off shoot of NRS Pakistan. The basic aim is to educate clinicians and patients from different sections of society about Rheumatological Diseases prevalent in our country. The knowledge currently available is either deficient or corrupted by local beliefs and myths. A better understanding of the disease process and familiarity of medicines used world hopefully motivates the patient to be compliant and give better results.

Mission Statement:

This society is formed to meet the need to increase awareness about arthritis in its various forms among general population and family / general practitioners in the form of leaflets, Newsletters, seminars, walks and group discussions. We hope that it will have a positive impact on the society as a whole as arthritis in its various forms affects a significant number of patients and is surely a leading cause of morbidity and work absence in our country. We also aim at forming a National consensus on arthritis management and hope to motivate media to promote awareness about Arthritis among masses.


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