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About NRS

National Rheumatology Society Pakistan

The field of Rheumatology has gained its importance rapidly in previous years. It is due to increase in prevalence of diseases in our population as well as worldwide. At present it is required to create awareness about this subject through education both professionally as well in public masses. This is the basic reason for forming NRS. This subject not only deals with treatment through medicines but also physical measures like physiotherapy, physical rehabilitation and exercises. This site also provides information that may be helpful to the patients with rheumatological diseases.

Arthritis facts:


Arthritis is major cause of disability and pain worldwide.


It's wrong to think arthritis is just an inevitable part of getting older; it isn't.


Most people diagnosed with arthritis are of productive age group.


Children get arthritis too.


There are more than 100 different types of arthritis.


Most forms of arthritis are thought to be a reaction of the body against its own joint tissues.


Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and lupus are some of the most common forms of arthritis.


We do know you've got to move it or lose it; rest can make pain and other symptoms much worse.


There's no cure…yet!!


But there's a lot that can be done to control symptoms and reduce disability.


And with your help we can make life for people with arthritis a whole lot better!

Mission Statement:


Provides support and information to people with arthritis as well as their families and friends.


Promote awareness of the challenges people with arthritis face across the community.


Move leaders in business, industry, and government to contribute towards research into potential causes and possible cures as well as better ways to live with arthritis.


Keep arthritis related health professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and community nurses well informed of updates.


Also try to update primary care physician, medical specialist and orthopedic surgeons etc about management issues and advances in the field.


NRS and NAF are non- profitable organisations which rely on the generosity of community groups, individuals, and corporate sponsors for its educational and professional activates. These are non-government independent bodies.

Founders/ Executive Council:

They will be committed to:


Developing further initiatives for educating people with arthritis.


Restricting the rate of growth of arthritis related morbidity in Pakistan.


Ensuring arthritis is on the national agenda.


Advocating world class research into the disease.


This site is donated by PROSYS Pakistan.





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