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Arthritis Care

Arthritis Care exists to support people with arthritis. We are the UK’s largest organisation working with and for all people who have arthritis. We are a user led organisation which means people with arthritis are at the heart of our work – they form our membership, are involved in all of our activities and direct what we do.


Arthritis & Musculoskeletal Alliance

ARMA - The Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance - is the UK umbrella association bringing together support groups, professional bodies and research organisations in the field of arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions.



This website is designed to help you to understand more about BackCare and the issues surrounding back pain. The site also provides, facts, information on tips for a healthier back and specialist resources.


Behšet’s Syndrome Society

The official UK patient support group for people with Behšet’s disease.


Bone & Joint Decade

Bone & Joint Decade


Coalition of Heritable Disorders of
Connective Tissue

The goals of CHDCT are to bring about greater awareness and understanding of heritable disorders of connective tissue in medical professions and in the public at large; to encourage teaching in the schools, to train health practitioners to help identify, diagnose, and treat various heritable connective tissue disorders; and, to foster research. Members of CHDCT believe that research on one disorder can be helpful to many.


British Paediatric Rheumatolaogy Group

The main objects of the College are to advance the art and science of paediatrics, improve standards of medical care to children, and to educate and examine doctors in paediatrics. Additionally, the College has a function in providing information to the public on the health care of children.


British Scoliosis Society

The object of the British Scoliosis Society is to provide an open forum for Scoliosis surgeons, Scientists and Health Care Professionals to engage in debate about scoliosis aetiology, pathogenesis and treatment and the presentation and encouragement of scoliosis research.


British Sjogren's Syndrome Association

The British Sj÷gren's Syndrome Association is a registered charity that aims to educate people about Sjogren's Syndrome, raise awareness surrounding its existence and symptoms, and support research into its cause and treatment.


Choices - for Families of Children
with Arthritis

An independent registered charity that aims to equip families of kids with arthritis with research based information about how to live with arthritis. We also provide an education resource to enhance health and social care, community and education services, and promote the inclusion of the service users' perspective on the delivery of flexible, collaborative and enabling services in the future.


Contact a Family

Contact a Family is a national registered charity, founded in 1979, for families with disabled children. We are the only UK charity providing support and advice to parents whatever the medical condition of their child.


Ehlers-Danlos Support Group

This website has many purposes; to share medical information about EDS, to make you aware of various support groups and events available, to give you the latest research on EDS, some advice on how to cope with living with EDS, show available publications, and to allow you to discuss your personal issues on EDS with other people in our interactive Message Board.









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