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Disability Rights

The UK’s campaigning and advisory disability body, run by and for people with disability.


Raynaud’s & Scleroderma Association

A national charity committed to raising awareness of these potentially devastating diseases and raising money for essential research in order to determine cause, enhance treatment and find a cure.


Scleroderma Society

The aims of the Society are to offer support to patients who often feel isolated, to increase awareness of the disease and to raise money for vital research.


Scoliosis Society

Patient support group which aims to provide information about scoliosis, eliminate fear and stigma, and offer contacts for shared experiences.


Sick Children’s Trust

Our aim is to help seriously ill children by providing support and accommodation for the entire family during a child’s hospital treatment.


Society for Back Pain Research

Society which aims to promote the study of all clinical and scientific aspects of spinal pain, including the neck, and to encourage research into its causes, treatment and prevention.



The Stuart Strange Vasculitis Trust provides support and a Contact List for members (family and friends as well as patients), and a newsletter which is published at least twice a year. The website provides information on different types of vasculitis.


National Institute of Health Clinical Trials

National Institute of Health


Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


WebMD’s Rheumatoid Arthritis Health Center

WebMD’s Rheumatoid Arthritis Health Center.


Medscape Rheumatology

Medscape Rheumatology.


Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic.


Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center

Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center.


PDR Health

PDR Health.


Everyday Health

Everyday Health


eMedicine Health

eMedicine Health.


International Scleroderma Network

International Scleroderma Network.


Health Central

Health Central.


National Institute of Health

National Institute of Health.


Orthopedic Surgery Information

Orthopedic Surgery Information.


Spine Universe

Spine Universe.









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